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    I am going to unplug my router and give it a shot this week.
    I'll be using my centro for small internet and my coffee shop 4 major stuff.
    I def. feel unsecured using free wifi. what would you do if you wanted to print something from something online though? For me, my blackberry would only be a source of internet if I absoluetly have no other choice, other wise, I get tired from watching that small screen. I currently have a desktop and laptop and I feel that to use a mobile device as your only source of connection is very limited to what you can do. Of course, what you do and what I do can be very different. I watch a lot of videos, download patches for games, watch movies and I would not know what I would do without connection through cable.

    But do unplug it and give it a shot. If you can survive a week or longer without any issues, cancel it. You can always get it back if you require it later on.
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    For me, other than emailing invoices ( I use businessanywhere and Quickbooks), downloading iTunes content and my tivo. Not much use for tivo. Plus, I can go to a coffee shop and download everything I need in 1 hr or so. With apple, who needs tivo?
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    I've used Pda Net on a laptop for several hours a day since last summer. It's my only connection.

    I don't download music, but sometimes a few public domain movies, ebooks, applications, etc.

    I worry about getting shut off, but will deal if and when it happens.
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