I am in the market for a new treo, but have never purchased one before. I have done a fair share of review reading for the various types of models, but still feel hesitant in making a purchase. First, here is my specific situation followed by some questions.

1. I live/work in China. So I probably would want a Treo that used GSM (unlocked) so that I could bring it back to America when I return. That being said, the 755p looks really neat. Unfortunately it is CDMA. However, if I could somehow manage to use it on an American network (Sprint, etc) I may consider it more. GSM seems much easier to carry internationally. Of course my knowledge is limited and I may be wrong!

Can I use a Chinese bought (CDMA) Treo 755p when I return to America on a CDMA network like Sprint? I didn't know if all CDMA networks are diagnostically identical.

2. Things I'm wanting.

1. Good Phone Call Quality
2. Good PDA function
3. Long battery life
4. GSM/unless unlocked CDMA will work with American carriers
5. View and edit Microsoft Office documents. I have office 2007, but can save the files to an earlier format.
6. I suspect I will use my Treo more for phone use and PDA organizational management (organizing schedules, documents, and perhaps a bible software program rather than Internet surfing)

I am also a student of Chinese, and I'm wanting to install plecodict, Pleco At this time Windows Mobile 6 isn't fully supported (some compatibility issues) but they are working hard to fix that.

Here is some information about running PlecoDict. This was found on their website:

"To install PlecoDict with the Oxford Concise English & Chinese Dictionary, you’ll need at least 10 MB (10,000 KB) of free memory in one of those “Free Space” meters. To install PlecoDict with the ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dicitonary and the NWP English-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary, you’ll need at least 30 MB (30,000 KB). Also, the first “Free Space” meter (the one for the top item in the “Delete From” list) must list at least 3 MB (3,000 KB) free, regardless of the total listed in the other meter(s)."

"Note that buying a new memory card won’t help you if the first “Free Space” meter is below 3 MB;" I'm not sure what the second quotation means. Could someone please elaborate? I'm assuming it's referring to internal memory. If that's the case all of the Treos exceed the minimum requirements. If buying a 650, I'll have to buy a SD card is store the various dictionaries. Is my understanding correct?

Having email and internet may be nice to have as an option, but I doubt I'll be a daily Email/Internet/Camera power user.

Another question: Chinese AC current is different than America (220 I believe) Will I need to buy a wattage converter, or, will I be able to plug it directly into the wall like my hp computer? It has a range of 100 -240 V. All the resources I've looked at haven't been specific in the regard.

Will compatibility be an issue? I know what the palm website says, but I'd value your feedback. I'm running Windows Vista SP1. I have wireless Internet but I don't seem to have blue tooth, which is strange because there is blue tooth software on my computer. Perhaps I just don't know how to use it.

I know I can download the vista update on the palm website.

Which is better, Palm OS or Windows Mobile? I've never used either.

I was seriously considering a Treo 650 as it was rated with the best battery life, and it also received high customer reviews, but what are your thoughts?

One last question: If I buy a treo in China there's a great chance that Chinese is going to be the pre-installed language. Can I easily change the language of the Palm OS from Chinese to English? That is one of the deterrents I have from Windows Mobile. I've read that you can't change the language on it. It either comes WM 6 EN or WM 6 CN etc. Is this true?

This has been a lengthy post. For those who have waded through this, I am very greatful. I realize that the Treo is an investment and although I've tried to research as much as possible, I realize my knowledge on the subject is limited. This is why I'm seeking the guidance of people more knowledgeable than I.

My wife and I will be going Treo shopping on Sunday. Hopefully, I too, will soon join the ranks of the Treo enabled. I admit it's almost hard not to rush out and buy one. The more I read, the more excited I get about purchasing one. I'm exercise extreme discipline but feel that it's wise so that my decision is as informed as possible.

Thank you very much!