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    i have obtained a msl generator for sprint phones. It uses the HSN HEX and generates the msl for that ph. i only know of it to work for sprint phones. its work on both my 755p and 650 as well as my friends mogul, but it didnt seem to work for my daughters samsung m510.

    anyone needing their msl pm me your hex and ill give it a try.
    Or you can call sprint and get it...Or you can come see your buddy intro at the forums Sprint store and he'll give it to you :P
    Please post inquiries to the "Ask a Sprint rep" sticky on the CDMA North America forum.
    If my post was helpful please thank me!

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    Can anyone help me? I have a second hand Sanyo Pro-700, and i need the msl for it? plzz!! help?
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    Does that phone have an MEID or ESN? Check the back of the phone. If it has an ESN, I can help you out, but if it's an MEID (those are much longer than the 8-character ESN HEX), you'll need to contact Sprint.
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    ROFL people are posting esn's! someone should call sprint with that esn and say they got their phone wet and let sprint make a ticket to void it! LAWL!
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    msl please
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    Welcome "Robin24k".

    Please generate MSL code.

    Information on PM
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    Wow!! Can you all post you social security number too while your at it. I 'promise' nothing bad will be done with it.

    Seriously though STOP posting your ESN on a public forum! PM the person if you must but don't be naive and think that no one on this forum would ever take advantage of you posting that information.
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    PM sent
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    is it possible to get it off from the DEC??

    I bought a phone from a person with their over due account on it and out a lot of money... just trying to activate it some how

    any ideas?

    my dec is: xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    The only way you can get an MSL is to call Sprint and get it from them. If someone says they can get generate it for you, please do it off-line and not in a forum. Please stop posting ESN's and DEC's from your phones.
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    Does no one read when a moderator posts? Geez!
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