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    Hi everybody. I am new to Treo, currently have BB but I am considering switching due to BB low limit of phonebook entries. Could someone advise me what is the limit of entries in the Treo (as little as I know I would probably go 750 I understand is the new or 755 I do not know the difference yet)? I need to have minimum 1500 entries in the phonebook with time probably 5000. Can Treo use expandable memory for phonebook? What is the largest expansion card it will accept? Thanks for help.
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    Ok, I'm just curious, and you don't have to answer, but why would you need to have so many contacts? I currently have 129 and many of those are just people I have for "just in case." You know, I don't want to get rid of their numbers, but they're not someone I talk to on a regular basis.

    Anyway, from what I understand, there's really no limit, although with larger databases, performance may suffer a bit. I'm not sure to what extent though. I do remember reading someone on here with a large number of contacts, but I'm not sure what came of it.
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    I am real estate agent. I would like to have at hand contacts for the agent in my board approx. 750-800, my past and current clients and of course prospects and hopefully my business will grow. I have all that staff on my laptop but it would be very handy to have it with me at all times. Sometimes you have to call another agent in the middle of showing.
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    It is my understanding that there is a limit of 10,000 records across all the PIMs in PalmOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palm's Knowledge Library
    There is a limit of 10,376 number of records that can be synchronized to the Palm™ Desktop Address book application (for Windows), and a limit of 9,866 records you can manually 'enter in' the Desktop. After 9,866, you can no longer enter new records in the Palm Desktop; however, you can synchronize up to 10,376.

    You can continue to enter new records in the handheld, but these new records (beyond 9,866) will not synchronize to the Desktop. The maximum number of records the handheld can store is proportional to the amount of memory available. Thus, this maximum number may vary depending on handheld and the amount of memory (RAM) available.
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