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    I am newly stationed in South Korea and would like to know if any members can assist me.

    My current 8525 with AT&T is mostly useless in South Korea.

    Is there a PDA phone that will work in South Korea and back in the USA? Do any of you have experience with such a phone and obtaining service with that phone from a provider in Korea?

    My bottom line is a PDA phone with the following

     Works in Korea and the USA
     Full QWERTY key board
     Windows Mobile
     Blue Tooth
     Internet wifi

    I donít have a preference about things like tv or radio, but GPS capability would be nice.


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    I'm surprised the 8525 doesn't work. It's 3G, so it should work fine. Did you enable int'l roaming?

    I know the Treo 750 works in Korea. A friend uses it when he travels there. No WiFi though. And you'd need a separate bluetooth GPS device.

    I don't know anything about getting service from Korean carriers.
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    Just make sure its Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900) Then it'll work anywhere. 3G has nothing to do with phone service4.
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    Korea's networks are incompatible with the rest of the world, except for 3G phones such as the 750 and 8525.

    850/900/1800/1900 won't work. Only 2100 in Korea:
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    Maybe you should consider 2 phones, a lot more option open up that way.

    You can get a Nokia n800 to compliment a cheap phone, that will cost less than a mid-high end smartphone. And you get Skype and true youtube.
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    Hello again,

    I think my question needs to be reframed.

    I am going to be living in Korea for the next two-3 years. I am wondering if anybody has purchased a PDA phone in Korea and then get a service plan for the same phone when returning to the USA. Or the opposite...get a phone in the USA and the get a service plan for that same phone when coming to Korea.

    Although I am aware of the Korean CDMA2000 network incompatibility with older phones from the USA, I am wondering if any new technology out there has overcome that problem.



    PS I find the Nokia n800 option to be very interesting. I will be researching that option. However an issue I already see with it is the lack of hot spots where I am working.

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