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    Ok so I have taken some videos with my Treo 755p. Then I hotsynch them to my Palm desktop software and although they are playable there in some weird hybrid Quicktime format (but its not pure quicktime) I want to convert them into a real quicktime video so that I can upload them easily to my facebook account. However I cannot get past that step - I click on a video in the Palm software and then click on 'make video' and it does some weird slideshow thing and doesnt export out the video. Then I select the video and hit export in the file menu and it still doesn't create a pure quicktime version. Any suggestions?
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    I suggest this site:

    I've always managed to find quality answers when I actually am looking for video conversion help.
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    Quicktime professional will convert the files so that they can be used with other programs
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    Download the free open-source program called Super - it can convert alomot any video format into almost any other (including the .3gp type that your Treo uses)
    You have to download it in Internet Explorer because the link seems to go funny in Firefox.
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