Hopefully I am not overlooking a function of my Treo 700P that I am not aware of. I know the Treos have an audible alert when you lose and gain your connectivity to the network. I keep my speaker switch turned off most of the time due to my work environment, so those alerts are of no use to me. I don't care so much when I am not actually using my phone, but one of my biggest complaints is when I am talking to someone and then find out the signal faded 30 seconds earlier when I get no response from whomever I am talking to. Then you have to call them back and figure out where your conversation was when the signal faded. I would love to see an app whereby it will give you an audible loss of signal alert tone via the ear speaker regardless of the switch position of the main ringer speaker switch. I could not find anything on this doing a search, but maybe I did not use the right buzz words.
Anyone know of an app that remedies this?