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    Hey everyone. So I lost my SD card for my Treo700p. My question is, If i get a new SD card and sync my treo to my computer, will it restore all the files i had in it? Also, If i hot sync it now, without my SD card will i lose any everything that use to be in my SD card. O

    I already bought a new SD card but im afraid to try and see if it'll restore all my files back. i had a lot of photos, mp3s, and games on it

    Oh, and also i use to have a san disk1 gb memory card. I bought a kingston 2gb, will it make matter? I mean about hot syncing it?
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    No, unless you are manually backing up your SD card, it would not restore everything you had in the card. For the most part, it has backup for the pictures but for the rest I am not sure.

    If you have backup's like the TealBackup software installed on your PC (as well as the corresponding software on your Treo), then you lost the information except for your pictures.
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    BlueSync is another software that works with the Palm OS and backups your SD card during hotsync but it is slow.

    The quickest way is to manually copy your entire SD card via SD Card reader. Do it always and consistently. However, if you don't feel like doing that, the software solution is another option.
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    Backup Buddy desktop does if you select it to. Dont know if you have BBuddy?
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