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  • musictones

    3 23.08%
  • minitones

    10 76.92%
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    Just wondering which one is more preferred. Im getting ready to ditch ringo and was looking at either of theese two
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    I use minitones, but that doesn't discredit the other because I've never used it to have an opinion of it.

    I'm going to go look into musictones now, just out of curiosity.
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    I use to use minnitones, but now I use that's a great app!
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    I use musictones because it's more recent and has a better icon. As far as I can tell they're functionally equivalent, so I might as well use the more recent app.
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    I use Minitones just because it was the first program I came across when I was looking for a ringtone apps. I haven't had any problems.
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    Minitones for me.
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    Honestly, Minitones (don't know what the other one is) is nothing similar to Ringo, Ringcare, etc.. One converts so you can use the built-in functionality, the others over-ride the built-in functionality.

    Personally the 680 gives me more than enough flexability for using the built-in functionality, so I just converted a handful of trimmed mp3's to ringtones and leave it at that.
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    I use both. Sometimes one doesn't work well so I use the other.

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