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    Okay, I admit that this is inspired by some recent cool stuff done with mobile phones in movies, a la Mission Impossible. What stealth, quiet, fast, or non visual hacks have people came up with?

    Examples (various models of Treo will differ, of course)

    Dialing 911 without looking at the phone.
    Dialing 911 without looking at the phone, with a certainty the phone is quiet.
    Setting the unit to record without taking it out of the pocket.
    Fast, reliable lookup of item on SD card wikipedia.
    Fast, reliable google mapping.
    SMS send by touch only, without looking at phone.

    Any of the above operations (or any normal phone operations) without screen illumination or with minimal illumination.

    Regular phone operations but with only one hand required.

    Others? Hacks? Comments?
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    Yes - an updated wikipedia with a better browser is a must!

    I've imagined a program that would erase selected information if a password challenge is not entered at certain times - or better use the camera to do an iris scan. A call to the phone with a patern of touch tones would also erase selected files..

    One time code program for messaging. The key is deleted as used and enough key is exchanged for plenty of texting (1meg of key would do a lot of messages..)

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