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    We are about to deploy 300 Treo680's. They all need to have the same software, power settings, currency and number format, network setup etc.

    I have tried to use the profile function under the Palm desktop/hotsync app but it doesn't do the job. half of the settings still have to be done bu hand on every device.

    Is there a way to make all 300 devices alike in all settings, apps etc without them alle being given the same Hotsync ID/devicename.

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    Can you set one up as desired and then back it up to a SD card and then do a full 'restore' on the other 299 with that backup?

    You would then have to use a name change program to reset the hot sync name of each device. I can't think of the name at the moment of that program.

    Otherwise, with 300 purchased units, I would think Palm or your carrier would have an idea for you.
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    I was typing while GFONG was linking. . . . . looks like SDDeploy is an answer.

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