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    My girlfriend is about to embark on a cross country charity bike ride called Bike and Build as a team leader. She is also ordered a new Centro and is about to receive it in the mail.

    We would like to know what would be the best solution(if possible) to have her be able to have GPS and optionally have some kind of software update a website as to what her current location is (extra points if the entire thing could be mounted on the bike).

    I'm sure there are a lot of bike messengers in these forums, I'd love to hear/see what kind of setup they have (even if it does not include the Centro).

    thanks for your time and patience.

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    You'll need a waterproof mount, obviously... Free? EarthComber can show you a map and download new maps over the data connection if it needs to.

    For straight plain jane GPS stuff, Cetus or Coto will work. For static "where am i" stuff, WhereAmI? will give you a one-shot current location into Google Maps.

    Centro is not an ideal GPS unit for a bike.

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