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    I bought one and At&t says they don't insure them. So I called Palm and they said to ask here. Any suggestions?
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    I get mine through Sprint...I wasn't aware we had a choice...
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    I don't bother with ins. Figure they offer 1 year warranty, that is good enough... I normally trade whatever device I have after a year anyway... if I don't, then I'll "wing it" for however long and pray nothing happens.

    So far I've only lost one phone (an el cheapo). No other mechanical issues to speak.

    I did the ins. deal once... but after paying so much per month, then having the deductible, it was cheaper for me to just get another phone and extend my contract a year. After that I was done with insurance.
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    Yeah, I don't think it is worth it. I just try to be careful. My Treo 650 has some scratches and a little crack in the case, but it still works. Of course, my Treo isn't worth very much. But even when I paid $400 for it, I didn't insure it.
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    I use Sprint. I've had to use it several times when I had the 650 and 700p but with my Mogul I will be using it once this year since one of my buttons don't work. To some it probably isn't worth it but I think it is. They also cover lost or theft so to fork out $600 vs $50 is a big difference.
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    i used to think it wasnt worth it. never had it on any cell ph i had or my 650 and 700p. but now i have it on my 755p. its only $7/month and i think it worth the convenience after my incident with my 700p...cup holder gave out in the car spilt hot coffee (cream sugar..lots of sugar). had to take apart the whole thing and clean everything. even had to peel apart the keyboard. and even then i still had keys sticking every now and then. and with a 2yr old daughter thats like to take my ph (she will either bring it to me or put it in her bucket with all her other little toys). i rather pay the extra $7 just in case. but i guess it depend on who you to each his own.
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    After the 700p brick-a-thon insurance is definatly worth it...YMMV, of course...

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