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    Are they ANY users of Alltell's service here? I am considering changing to them and buying a 755P. (650P in use now)
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    Happy Alltel 755p user right here! Is your question and/or concern about the service or the device?
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    I too am a happy Alltel customer. Have been for 6 years now. I have a 700p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohappydaye View Post
    Happy Alltel 755p user right here! Is your question and/or concern about the service or the device?
    Service, been using Palm devices for years. I have a 650 now.
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    I've been with Alltel for over 11 years now and I'm more than pleased with their service (customer service and cellular service)...though the tech support isn't always as smart as they think they are.

    The voice rate plans are generously priced, IMHO, especially given the MyCircle deal. I never drop calls (with or prior to my 755p) and only had one issue with my Treo thus far. I had to take it back and get a new one because it wasn't holding the programming and kept getting kicked off the network. Haven't had any problems since I picked up the new unit on Friday.

    Now, I don't like the smartchoice (data) plans all that least I didn't, but now these also benefit from MyCircle so it's not too bad. I didn't have to select a smartchoice plan, as required with the purchase of a smartphone, because of a discount program that I'm a member of (and because I fudged a bit and threatened to leave for Sprint...wasn't really, but I thought I'd give it a try). However, (as you probably already know) if you buy the device and bring it to Alltel or buy it at price from them, you can select whichever voice plan you like and add the unlimited data package to it for an additional $29.

    Feel free to ask any specific questions that would be helpful for you in making this decision.
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    Been with Alltel for about 4 years, and just got a 755p a couple weeks ago. When it comes to service, I think Alltel is great. My wife and I upgraded to the Smartchoice plan (2 smartphones, my Treo and her HTC6800). For 500 minutes a month, unlimited nights and weekends (start at 7pm), unlimited M2M, unlimited text and data, and 10 MyCircle numbers, we pay around 150-160 a month, all taxes and fees included. The base price is $130 before any taxes or anything, my last bill had some other fees on it so I'm not sure of total cost.

    Honestly, with MyCircle, it is hard to beat the Alltel deal. We looked at moving to T-Mobile (b/c they have MyFaves) but decided to stick with Alltel because of service (though they may not have a varied a phone selection).

    I have great service. Actually, I work for a major university, and our "preferred" provider is Verizon. I work in the lower level (basement) of a building (that is where the library and IT department are housed), and I have 3-5 bars all the time. People with Verizon and Sprint can't make or receive calls in this area. T-Mobile is spotty. I don't know if it is because of range to a tower or what, but I find it kind of humorous.

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