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    When running the built-in Find-function on my Palm Treo 680, it doesn't seem to look in Messages application (SMS/MMS). Why not - is this a limitation ? If so, please someone direct me to a good search utility - I have thousands of messages.
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    Never noticed that before. . .

    I don't see any way of searching them on my 650. But then, I don't think I've ever need to search them.
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    Does FindHack have this same problem ? In PalmOS, the Global Find function is actually implemented in the application itself, not in Find. What Find does is call the search function for each application, who then hunts through the database that is maintained by that application. So either Find isnt' recognizing the SMS app as an app at all (in FindHack, you can tell FindHack which apps to do searches on), or the SMS app hasn't implemented a search function on its database.

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