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    I keep all my frequently used numbers in my "favorites" application.

    Periodically, the phone dials itself, usually after I hang up on another call and put my centro back in my pocket. (i'm assuming a "favorite" gets launched by the touch screen. Is there a program that will prevent this from happening?
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    Im not totally familiar with the centro but dosent it have an option like other treos to lock the screen and buttons when the power button is pressed?
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    It sounds like you will need to go into the keyguard and shorten the time. Or avoid putting your phone in your pocket until after your keyguard's time period is up. Default I think is 3 seconds. You could also hit your calendar button (or any other program) when you put it in your pocket to avoid the accidental dialing.
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    . . . Or hit the red button to turn off the screen before putting in your pocket. Favorites buttons don't work when the screen is off (at least on the Treo).

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