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    i piggybacked this question onto a reply in another subforum but i haven't gotten any bites there in terms of an answer. thought i'd give it a whirl here in a seemingly busier forum.

    i was having several problems getting an SSL cert to work, but now i think it's working. however, now i keep getting prompted to enter my password. i know i am entering it correctly and that it works by virtue of the fact that it works everywhere else in our domain. so, what's the deal here?

    for the record, i'm using a treo 700wx with activesync and exchange 2007.

    there was a believable answer given on a thread i found in a search ( but this didn't fix the issue.

    thanks in advance for any answer that leads towards a resolution.
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    totally agree with stroths (

    but you can try >>
    EAS server example:
    domain name: either or palm
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    topping this again to see if i can get anymore insight. stroths suggestion in the links above does not fix the problem we are experiencing.

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