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    i deleted my activesync relationship with my personal exchange account to test another one. i want to go back to that, but it will duplicate my contacts/calendar/tasks the first time i sync. if i delete my contacts/calendar/tasks from outlook on that exchange account, will the items on my treo populate that, or will the absence of those items on exchange remove them from the treo?
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    From an experienced exchange deleter and reconfigurer...
    Here is a trick.

    Yes you will get duplicates. The contacts exist in Outlook and then the Treo will send them to Outlook again.

    When I do this, I configure the Phone List in Outlook to sort the contacts by date. You can then delete all the contacts that are added on the day you reconfigure the exchange account on your Treo.

    I also look and try to write down the number of contacts and then double check at the end. This seems to work the best. I have noticed that I lose some or most of the pictures I have stored for people.

    Just don't blame me if it doesn't work...Sometimes I get it to work easily, other times not so much.
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