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    I think it's safe to say that is the 800w. If they keep that name of course.
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    I just wish some of these new Treos that Palm is coming out with had a bit more style. Compared to that new blackberry the BGR leaked (I think it was the 8xxx), the Treos look like toys. Not to mention that super hot half VGA screen res (if my memory serves me right.) The new BB just looks much much more sleek. more svelte, IMO.
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    I am surprised/disappointed that Palm is not going with 7.2 HSUPA for the Drucker.
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    Although it says its named after the economist Peter Drucker, Drucker means printer in German, maybe the built in wireless will actually allow me to print to a wireless enabled printer wouldnt that be great!
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    I was able to do that with my HP RX3417 and a friends wifi printer years ago, if it has wifi you can sure as hell bet you can print-wirelessly to a wifi enabled printer.
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    very annoyed this wasnt announced officially
    also described it isnt sexily coated like the 750 was
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    So back to the age old question... Windows or palm OS... Palm that I know of has not had a new version in a while. Window at least seams to try and update their system. Which is better? I was a total Palm guy tried windows, went back to palm, but not sure what I like better. If the new phones are coming out are windows, then it sounds like palm is not trying to improve their OS????
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    Palm is no improving their current OS and further. They are focusing long term on their Linux based OS that is currently in development. So don't look for any huge improvements over the next year.
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    So, the Treo Pro must be the Drucker! It's interesting the specs said 'flush screen' from the beginning.

    OK, so it didn't get a release in July 2008 on Vodafone, but I'm hoping for September here in the UK.
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