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    Can anyone tell me why my Treo shows that I have one voice mail on the phone menu, but when I call the voice mail number there is not a voice mail? I would like to clear this number if possible. I have sent Sprint Customer Service an email about it, but thought I might get a quicker (better) response here.

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    go to your phone app.

    hit your menu key

    go to options

    phone prefs

    clear voicemail icon,

    voila your icon will disappear!

    I guess that the icon hangs sometimes and thats why they put that in there. It does on my 700P and on my wifes Centro.

    Hope this helps.
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    Where does it show '1'? There's a 1 on the Favorites screen of the phone app by default (at least on the 680), but that shows the speed dial key and not the number of voicemails.
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    Try what was posted, and if not, it may not be a voicemail notification. I had the same problem too, and it was an SMS notification that just wouldn't go away. It said I had one message that was unread but I didnt. A month ago I had to delete the file that was associated with that and it went away. It then popped up again, but now is gone. It will say I also have 1 unread message in the SMS app as well. It will say something like (1/122) saying there is 1 new one. I usually have to highlight them and start deleting and it then goes away. I dont know why it did this or what the problem is, but now it seems to be working ok. I was thinking a glitch in the phone system as in on Sprints side for a bit.

    Anyway, that was my problem. It was an SMS and not voicemail. I am using a 700p on Sprint
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    You are no doubt talking about the '1' on the Voice Mail button in the Phone Favorites.

    This is preset and encoded on the Phone Favorites data base file. It only indicates that the button is set to the '1' or 'E' key, and does not indicate that you have new voice mail.

    It's been set up that way on Palm OS phones.

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    Thanks to all for the replies. Yes, it is the one on the button. I'm all straight on it now. Appears to be an easy mistake to make since everyone I asked about it at work also "assumed" that it meant that I had 1 voice mail. Should have read the manual I guess.
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    heh heh I have been wondering about that for the last few years as all of my phones had the "1" and never asked. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by LennyV View Post
    heh heh I have been wondering about that for the last few years as all of my phones had the "1" and never asked. Thanks
    I fell for this too! It took me a long time to figure it out.
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    I was fooled too. Thanks for putting things straight.
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