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    seems like most hate wm on their palm? lol, maybe not for the cdma users, but for the gsm folks, esp the treo 750 folks, i hope that palm doesnt abandon its new gsm wm crowd, im really happy with my treo 750, and i hope palm continues next year with a nice treo gsm with WM, i mean im ok with palm, im jst used to wm a lot lol
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    I'm actually ready to try something new. WM version might be in my future..maybe.
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    For me WM on a treo is the BEST OS in the BEST form factor. I am using a TyTN II right now because I got sick of Palm short changing us with hardware. I cant wait to go back to a treo!! Treo has the BEST keyboard and the the most intuitive user friendly device available, and as soon as its speck match my TyTN II, I'll be siked to come back. I have 160 Megs available for my progs, WiFi, GPS and a 3MP camera!!!
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    I've posted this same basic comment in various threads here, but I too feel WM on a Treo is the best of both worlds (and I was an avowed WinMo hater before I got the 700w, back in the day). I still have a few Palm OS devices hanging around, and when I look at them and mess around with the PIM apps and the browser and stuff, I think I've gone back to some sort of 1998 time warp or something. Man - get some new stuff wouldja. Yes, the memory usage is nice, and yes, it's fast and all that - but dayam, time to at least update the core PIM apps!

    I can't ever see going back to a Palm OS device, at least not in their current iterations. (and anyone who knows me knows that I was the hugest Palm OS fanboy there was!).
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    I love my 700wx! I'm hoping Palm does a wm 6 device soon... then that should last me until palm comes out with something new. Same here, been a palm fan since the 90s... tried palm treos, but I guess I got lemons. 700wx worked out great.
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    I don't hate WM, I would actually love to have it on Treo. But the only thing that's holding me back is the screen resolution - 240x240 is just not acceptable when comparing to 320x320 on all other Treos. If treo 800w indeed comes with a higher resolution, I will definitely get one.
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    ya know - I don't see that big a difference with 240 x 240 compared to 320 x 320, and yes - I use my WX for just about every possible multi-media app there is. I use vTap for searching and playing online YouTube/etc videos, I do tons of browsing, every once in a while I'll fire up TCPMP for some ripped movie watching.

    On the contrary - I find that my Palm OS devices are just SO antiquated looking in terms of the core PIM apps, that to use THOSE devices is just painful. Like using DOS on an HD flat screen monitor or something - I mean, what's the point!?
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    my treo 750 is running wm6 and no problems so far, i hope treo 800w will come with Wm7 when it comes out
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    WM7 isn't coming out til '09, so you'd be waiting another year+ to get a new Treo. The 800w will have 6.1 at most.

    My Treo 750 blows away every other phone I've had. I have an AT&T Tilt and its sitting on my desk at home while I'm 700 miles away on a business trip with my Treo. The only thing I really miss is the GPS, but in a city like NYC, I have no issues with using GoogleMaps. My Treo 650 was a joke compared to my 750, Palm OS IS antiquated (although it still has its uses).
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    The 700WX was the best Treo / smartphone I've ever owned. I regret not keeping it, but if / when Palm releases a new WM Treo on Sprint I'll be all over it.
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    I love my 700wx. The combo of WM power apps + StyleTap for simple, quick Palm apps is a dream come true.

    The biggest deficiency in the 700wx is the screen res. With 320x320, we will be able to emulate Palm OS apps on the 800w in full hi-res.

    The higher on-board storage quote is also important. Installations to the card are unreliable for any apps you'd want to keep running more than 5 mins at a time.
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