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    hello everyone. i have a palm zire 72 pda and a regular cheap sprint phone right now. im looking into buying a treo so that i can stop carring 2 devices. i would like to stay palm and get a treo that is close to screen size as my zire.(2.25 in sq)
    i thought that all treos had the same smallish screen untill i started reading reviews on the various treos.
    one review of a 700p listed the size as 2 inch sq, while a 755 review stated 1.76 in sq, and still another review of a 650 puts it at 47mm. sq.

    are these sizes correct?
    or do they indeed all share the same size screen just at difrent resolutions.
    if so what is the offical size of the screen?

    and one last thing, can anyone tell me if i will see a big hindrance going down to such a smaller screen, such as a 700, or 650, or even the centro.
    im afraid that im so used to the bigger screen of my zire, that it will hinder me from getting used to and realy liking the treo.
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    All 2.4" diagonal except Centro 2.2"

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