I need help with voice recording.

What is the best software for recording phonecalls on the 755p? Can any of them handle recording two calls at once when juggling people on hold? Can any of them automatically record, but be turned off in conversation, or easily before I answer or place a phonecall to a social contact.

There are no microphones for the Treo 755p to record conferences, right? Installing some type of noise filter software will help though?

What is the best way to transfer voice recordings from the Treo to a USB stick in my Asus Eee UMPC. Dragging off the card will wear it out quickly, but any type of sync will take a long time, right?

I'd be better trying to record conferences with the Eee, rather than the Treo? Any ideas on microphones, software if I go that route? I figure between the Treo and the Eee, I must be able to come up with a way to record phonecalls and conferences as needed.

HELP!!! I know so little about media that it is pathetic.