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  • Full GPS/Location Based Services and Maps

    44 53.66%
  • Adobe (macromedia) Flash Support (beyond the old hacked Clie player)

    4 4.88%
  • Videoconferencing or 2-way video chat

    3 3.66%
  • Push-to-talk

    0 0%
  • Video Streaming From the Camera (such as Comvu)

    1 1.22%
  • Take higher quality photos and video

    5 6.10%
  • Browse with tabs or multiple browser windows

    5 6.10%
  • Support more streaming or multimedia formats (Realmedia, FLV 2.0)

    1 1.22%
  • Fully support J2ME (Beyond the ineffecient and out of data Websphere)

    2 2.44%
  • Multitask programs

    17 20.73%
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    My vote would be for WiFi!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Buzz0 View Post
    What feature can your other phones do that your PalmOS based treo not do that you really wish the most it could?
    Be kewl 'n trendy .

    Everything else, it already does.
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    I wouldn't mind the push to talk. thats pretty annoying.
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    Handle currently unsupported Bluetooth requests (DUN while not in DUN mode) without crashing. (Treo 650)

    But, at least it can still actually do DUN -- I've got a Tilt that my Nokia N800 tablet can't talk to...

    (Yes, i know, I'm whining about this all over the boards... I'll hush up now.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    Ridiculous, no cellphone takes good pictures except a handful that are designed specifically for this.
    That don't mean it can't or shouldn't.

    Big as my 700wx is I'm surprised Palm don't have a 13 mega pixel lense in that thing... someplace hiding....

    CES, Mac World...

    What ever happened to "Palm World?" Darn....
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    It's not that big. I guess people's ideal device to use as a phone is a credit
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    I'll take GPS. I could live out my whole life without missing any of the other stuff, except, maybe, Multitasking.

    But why is there no WiFi in the list?
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    I have a Centro, so the firmware for to activate its chipset's GPS is supposedly imminent. Other than that, all I really want is a 3.5mm audio jack.
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    How about the same screen size and resolution as iphone plus retractable keyboard.
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    so I just listened to twit, and one of the panalist said he spoke to a vice president of palm. he said blame it on the carriers. that palm want to add thinks ppl want but the carriers are the obstacles.

    take that for what it is worth.

    now for the things i want or dont want . . . , but first I unlocked unbranded treo is works as advertise. very rarely does it crash. cant remember the last time it happened.

    i would like a thinner model, but knowing Palm they would take it out of the battery.

    Full GPS/Location Based Services and Maps: isnt the screen too small for using gps while driving? i guess it would be nice in a pinch
    Adobe (macromedia) Flash Support (beyond the old hacked Clie player): i find than even on my ipod touch and wifi, i prefer a real monitor. just give me the info i want quickly.
    Videoconferencing or 2-way video chat:no
    Push-to-talk: no
    Video Streaming From the Camera (such as Comvu): cant see a use for this, but thats okay
    Take higher quality photos and video: yes please, yes its a phone but it is always with you. and its 2008. but flash, not so much
    Browse with tabs or multiple browser windows: i cant live without tab in firefox, but again on a small screen. . .
    Support more streaming or multimedia formats (Realmedia, FLV 2.0): okay, if only for when someone sends you an email with a link and you just got to see it.
    Fully support J2ME (Beyond the ineffecient and out of data Websphere): they better add some memory to the device, if they are going to make this a default install
    Multitask programs: my treo can do 2 things at once, and that okay with me. but if it gould continue downloading email in the back ground while im doing something else, groovy. doesnt chatter mail and earlier versions of the palm email program do this?
    wifi: bleh. small screen. again, having a ipod touch, i just dont get the appeal of wifi. 99% of the places I can use wifi i have access to a pc. and most of the other 1% im not in a place where i can connect to wifi.
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