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    AT&T 800w in January would be a dream come true. My verizon contract is up in january and i need to dump this wretched 700w. I'd like to go with AT&T for various reasons, but I've been hesitant waiting on news of the 800w.

    That being said, things never work out that well for me. So I won't keep my hopes up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by graylion View Post
    I have heard that alm maybe moving towards AT&T to replace Sprint as their "First Launch" carrier. This may happen in January 2008.

    What does every one think?

    January 2008
    Treo 800w

    I have heard nothing of the sorts and would very suprised at such a switch. For one, there is no evidence of a GSM 800w yet. Of course, no evidence doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but there is more info about a CDMA one at this point.

    Number two, the Centro is a huge hit on Sprint right now. Palm is having trouble meeting demand and it set a record for highest sell-through for Palm (not just sold to carriers, but phones that customers actually bought). I would think Sprint would be happy with that and try to keep that long relationship going with the 800w.
    Quote Originally Posted by phrogpilot73 View Post
    Quick search on Google news turned up:

    You're getting props all over the Internet!
    lol, that's funny. To be honest, though it was fun with the docs, the info revealed was hardly earth shattering, just more confirmation of what was already speculated or hinted at.

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    God forbid VZW actually scores this one first. Hey, at least they got the 700w exclusivity! (hahahah...sob...)
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    Gryphon, Gnome, Zeppelin
    Someone at Palm a big World of Warcraft fan?
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    See Howiecam still lives. And everyone thought that you met with an "unfortunate accident"
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    Quote Originally Posted by howiecam View Post
    Someone at Palm a big World of Warcraft fan?
    lol, I do wonder how they pick them--random or some inside jokes. Over at PIC, who have to be the oddest group of Palm malcontents--yet fans, posted a video of the Hindenburg for "zeppelin". Funny, yet uninspired.

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    The new Centro 685 for AT&T better not be EDGE, It better be HSPDA / High speed network.

    edit: Crap. So far looks to be EDGE.
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    here is Centro GSM version(for internal testing), will be launched at Q1,2008 , China mobile.

    btw: also marked with AT&T logo, . EDGE , not 3G
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