Hi all, i recently got a vodafone Treo Palm 750 from a friend who bought it from the UK. I hope this is the right forum area as im not sure if this is specific to 750 or just vodafone stuff in general.

I'm currently outside the UK...now when i try to put my non-UK sim card into the phone, it logs on normally to my GSM network however the phone exhibits the following weird behaviour.

1) SMS send and receive works normally.
2) I cannot make a call... phone starts dialing then hangs up by itself immediately.
3) When someone calls me i can receive the call... but my microphone and speaker are off so that i cannot hear the person nor can they hear me... in other words i cannot make or receive voice calls.

4) Despite having the tap sound turned on, the touch screen makes no sound when tapped.
5) Even after pairing with another phone, i am unable to send files to the treo over bluetooth.

Basically the situation is I cannot use the phone for calls yet i can send SMS. Now I don't know anything about the different types of phone locks and have never worked with locked phones, but is this behaviour caused by some wierd thing vodafone did to prevent me using the phone outside the UK ? If so why would they let me use my non-UK simcard to SMS but not call ?

The phone has no scratches so i doubt this is a hardware issue caused by the phone falling previously.

Please give me any idea about why this is happening and how i can fix all issue so i can use this phone throughout the world. (btw i did a soft reset but no difference... i don't want to do a hardware reset because if this phone is somehow partially unlocked then it may revert back and i won't even be able to use my non-UK sim outside the UK to SMS).