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    Market analysts reiterate their doubts about the competence of Palm`s management. Palm`s grasp on their own operations has shown repeatedly to be highly suspect. While a sound product blueprint exists, the company itself flails away at the management and development of that one single product.

    You know, this type of situation would be more tolerable or understandable if the company had a slew of different product lines, like tvs, computers, etc.
    But Palm has only ONE single product to manage, and they are making an absolute pathetic showing of execution.

    The centro may help the bottom line in the near term, but as it stands they remain in their status as a company in dire straits.
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    Unfortunately it takes years for the impact of new management to felt in the market in the technology sector. What many fail to realize is just how long it takes to get a product to market from initial concept. There are usually several design iterations and multiple levels of integration. 18 months for the new OS is not a long period of time. They probably have most of the core complete today. Now, it may be too late considering the rest of the market.

    Google bought Android - what 2 years ago, and the company probably already had the core of the mobile OS complete.

    Products with Jon Rubinstein's influence won't be felt for quite a while. Additionally Palm needs to leapfrog what is out there today. Unlike what some of the posters here are saying Palm is not dead, but they are one spin of fickle consumer preference changes from becoming a brand name and logo that gets bought out of bankruptcy and slapped on handsets from some new manufacturer.
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    Yeah is this any different from the last "bad analyst report" from a few weeks ago

    I was under the impression we won't see any "real" changes in Palm for at least 12-18 months....

    But the takeover was just approved--how much is supposed to change?

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    An analyst where I work reduced his price target on Palm to $5 from $12. Do I hear takeover target anyone?
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    Actually some people say Palm declared a special dividend specifically to reduce the cash value of the company, and thereby make themselves a less attractive hostile takeover target.

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    Palm will continue to crash and burn all by themselves. No company's picking that dog up.
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    Even with the expected success of the Centro, Palm still continues to be more or less a one trick pony. It would be nice to see something more from them. Assuming everyone wants the same form factor may have worked in the past, but as smartphone sales pick up and spread more to the consumer market, they need to seriously look into something other then every device having an exposed keyboard on a candybar style device. I guess we will all be forced to look elsewhere eventually...tsk. tsk. Palm. So much time (and money) wasted.
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    I suppose this could happen when senseless reviews and forum postings deriding of a future product that is yet to be launched forces the management to withdraw it (Foleo). The Foleo could have been a hit this year (at a slightly reduced price (~300 USD)) along with the Nokia n810 and the iPhoon.

    Good that the Centro was launched quickly after the initial pics started to appear on the web or the complaints about it being too thick, or too narrow or not having a slider, or not being able to cook and sew would have become too much for the company to handle.

    - mvk
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    This shows you do not know wh te EeePC is a hit.

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    wh te? - I tried all key combinations... can't figure it out.

    You saying it is a hit or NOT a hit... either way you'll prove my point!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    wh te? - I tried all key combinations... can't figure it out.

    You saying it is a hit or NOT a hit... either way you'll prove my point!
    Sorry, typo. I meant to say this goes to show you do not know why the EeePC is a hit.

    Its a hit because its a cheap small laptop, not a big expensive PDA/Smartphone accessory.

    It was a hit from the start, and people were excited about it immediately, as the announced price was very cheap, especially for a fully functional laptop.

    The Foleo was expensive in real terms and for what it did. The gasps of amazement that was heard when it was unveiled was not from excitement, but of horror that Palm had wasted so much time and resources on developing a device that had near 0 market appeal.

    Before Asus made the EeePC I could have told you a very cheap, full keyboard, solid state laptop would sell millions at $300.

    I could also have told you a large PDA that could not even run Youtube properly at $600 would sell in the ten thousands.

    Its easy to recognize when a product is mass market or niche market. Why Palm could not do this I would never know.
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    .....Amen, brother... speak the truth now...
    .....Life is But Such Sweet Sorrow.....
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    Why can't Palm see that if they built a high-end Internet tablet (oohh a new large screen UX-50) and priced it to move ($399 or less) it would be a smash.

    The Nokia 70o/800 series is plucking along, the EeePC is a smash.

    I am frustrated because Palm could have had a great one.

    Back to the topic..

    As far as "nobody picking up that dog" Palm is not that bad off. In fact as Surer speculates it is entirely possible there was a buyer lurking and they took a poison pill. I don't believe they would take that type of action without there being a real, known threat (or perceived threat).

    Just because Palm isn't hitting on all cylinders and hitting the mark with the likes of PIC fanatics, it does not mean there is not a viable company there.
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    Nice post Surur ! You still got the touch If Palm positioned the Foleo as a cheap laptop replacement, its a sure fire hit. Just ask Asus about this

    Posted using my Eee PC (black edition).. NICE!

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