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    Now that AT&T and Verizon say you can use any phone you want, can someone define that. I would assume that the phones would have to be compatible with each system. Or are the they now interchangeable? does a VZW phone work on AT&T, and or vise versa? I believe VZW actually said it has to work on there system, but what I have seen from ATT they do not make that claim?
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    They have to be system compatible. ATT is GSM and Verizon is CDMA.
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    Now I interpreted the articles on this differently. It seemed to me that what they were saying is not that you can use, say, a Sprint phone on Verizon's network. I think what they mean is that any mobile phone maker can come to them and get their specs and make a phone that will work on that network that could be bought in stores other than Verizon dealers. You might, in the future, see phones sold at the grocery store that can be activated on different networks. I wouldn't get my hopes up that you can use your current T-Mobile phone on AT&T unless it's unlocked or your Sprint on Verizon, etc.
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    Isn't this going to happen a year or more in the future?
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    Yes, I believe beginning in 2009 all phones sold in the States will be unlocked and service providers will not be allowed to lock them. I wonder if they will give out lock codes for phones currently locked to their networks. It sounds like this year consumers will be able to purchase unbranded, unlocked phones in stores.

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