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    So I'm full of questions today what with my Sprint 755p having recently arrived and my 4gb card on its way.

    My plan is to carry all of my info, docs, forms, programs, etc on my phone so that I essentially have my office everywhere.

    I look at my Treo as a kind of giant thumbdrive. But how to connect it?

    When most of you get to a "foreign", as in, not your own, laptop or desktop computer where you can temporarily "dock" how do you do it? Sync cable? Carry a card reader and put the card in and just connect it to the USB? Is there a short hotsync cable dongle-type thingie that I don't know about? What?

    Maybe I'll put a micro card reader on my keychain. Anyone have suggestions for such a thing?

    I know that there are people out there that carry a mini-version of their computer on thumbdrives and just plug it in at whatever computer they happen to be using at the time. It has all of their preferences on it right down to Firefox.

    I want to be able to do that with my Treo.

    Any advice?
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    Get a retractable hotsync cable & buy cardreader (link).

    You can run portable apps off the card.
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    Sounds like you need a Sandisk Cruzer, not a Treo.

    I use a Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 4GB to transport my workspace - the CruzerSync software is very nice - you can install Firefox, OpenOffice, and other programs on the thumbdrive, and have access to all of your work documents on any computer.

    The Treo isn't even usable as a card-reader out of the box - even if you plug it in to another computer, it won't do anything. You can't even read the SD card without a software program like CardReader or CardExport. And even then, all it is is a removable drive to the PC. Your Treo isn't doing anything at all, and you generally won't be able to do anything on your Treo with the docs you copy.

    I believe you can buy the CruzerSync software from Sandisk, which you could then put on your SD card, and, along with CardReader software, theoretically have the same thing. But I'll bet it's far cheaper to just buy a Sandisk Cruzer and stick it on your keychain. And it's definitely more convenient than carrying a sync cable around everywhere you go.

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