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    I tried to find the answer, I really did!

    A couple of years ago there was a long thread about a program that let you listen to the music saved on your pc through your Treo. Basically you could create a radio station that played music files from your desktop.

    I have a 755p now. Does anyone know the name of the program? I think at the time I was on Verizon and my connection was so slow that I couldn't make it work so I deleted it. I'm on Sprint now and it's much better.

    Love the idea of accessing my own music while on the road.

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    I thought kinoma could let you stream from a server or whatever. I never really got into it though as i'm fine with a memory card or internet radio.
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    Thanks! I think the other one was Cardfan, I figure if I've got 2000 songs on home computer, this would give me the option to listen to 2000 songs. And I'll have more room on my card for episodes of Flight of the Conchords.
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    SlimDevices server.
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    If you have a Mac, look for NiceCast, I use it all the time. The app creates a server from your Mac and you can stream with TCPMP all you want.

    If on a PC, Orb or Winamp will do. I prefer Orb as it is more versatile. I actually ise Orb in Windows (on my Mac) and it's great (despite some annoyances).
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