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    I used to use my Treo 680 for wireless access to the Internet. It was too slow, and too often I would get a call while I was online. About half the time I would lose the connection. Bah!

    I have subject device now in addition to the treo. I have a question that I figure somebody here will know the answer to.

    Inside the Sierra Wireless card is a small rechargable battery. Why does the device need a battery ?

    Inquiring minds need to know.
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    I learned why the Sierra Wireless USB modem requires a battery. The USB specification provides enough current for receiving data from the cellular tower but not enough power to transmit. Sierra Wireless designed a battery that re-charges automatically. The battery provides the necessary current to transmit data to the cellular tower.

    A small interlock switch is installed on the cover for the modem. If the cover is removed, the battery is disconnected from the modem.

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