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    I put this on the AT&T boards as well, but i haven't gotten a response yet.

    Before i just had unlimited messaging, and i decided i wanted internet as well so i dropped the unlimited messaging plan for the the media net unlimited plan. I did this mabye ten minutes ago online. So what i would like to know is, when is it going to be effective? I dont want to get on the internet on my phone now and then incur charges because i was not supposed to use it yet. Do i have to wait for my next billing cycle to start using it (12/17)? Or what... any help would be great thanks!
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    When I have made a change not online but using the phone they tell me to wait 20 minutes to an hour before it is effective. Log out and wait awhile and log in and see if your account registers the change. If so you are probably good to go.


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