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    Does anyone have a Palm Device set up to share files with their Mac or Windows PC over Wi-Fi?

    I ask because I have my laptop doing it & I can transfer files & stream whatever movies that are on my Home PC to my Laptop which I then plug into my Plasma TVs VGA connector & it got me wondering if itís possible to stream videos to palm devices using Wi-Fi.

    I realize I wonít be able to stream the images to my TV with it but it came to my attention that Handspring launched a family of Palm-powered PDAs called ďVisorĒ with a 68-pin socket in the back called the Springboard that you could purchase a VGA connector module for.

    Now obviously I realize the Treo cannot use that springboard module but Iím sure I can hack my Treo and make my own VGA connector.

    I figure it will probably be buggy in the end but the coolness factor could make it worth the effort.
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    Install orb on your PC.

    edit: you can hack your Treo and make a VGA adopter? I support your effort.
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    Streaming is pretty easy - install a web server on your pc, and it will stream to kinoma. You can install an ftp server and share files with vsftp. Let me know how the vga connector works out - I would love something like that.

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