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    Hello All,
    I am starting to look at a new Palm OS Treo. I have been looking at the 680 (I am on ATT) and have now seen the new Centro with rumors that a GSM version will come early next year. I was wondering what peoples opinions where here?

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    I am with ATT using an ancient Treo 650. I'm holding off on any POS Treo until the chimerical Linux/POS Treo comes out late in 2008.

    I'm not switching away from ATT, I won't do WM, and I won't get another outdated Garnet (POS) device, I won't do 2.5 G EDGE.

    That pretty much paints me into a corner

    I might go for the 3G iPhone when it comes out for ATT next year.
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    Either the 680 or the GSM Centro would be fine. It'll probably come down to whatever form factor you like better. The Centro will have updated versions of some programs (Docs To Go and Pocket Tunes are probably the big ones) but the 680 is fine if you can deal with Edge speeds. Personally, I use it primarily for e-mail and they load in a couple seconds, so 3G isn't a big deal for me yet. It's doubtful the Centro will be 3G like the CDMA version. Would I like it? Sure. But not enough to switch to WM!
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    I was looking at the 680 as it has a larger screen and thought that would be nice. The updated apps are also a bonus, I guess I have the I want a new phone fervor. Right now I am using a TX with a bluetooth phone. It works ok but want to carry one device instead of 2.

    From what I can tell both the 680 and Centro have about the same battery life?
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    Probably close. I haven't used a Centro, so can't say much about it. The 680 isn't a nightmare for me like some others. I can get 2 days pretty easily if I need to, but charge every night so I pretty much never think about. There are bigger batteries available if it's a sticking point for you. I'm pretty sure it's the cell radio that is the big drain. When I'm in weak coverage my battery gets chowed. Good coverage it's just fine.
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    680 should be a tad better battery life than the Centro due to using a slower DATA connection (EDGE vs. EVDO) in addition to being GSM.

    I think the 680's battery is something like 50mAh larger than the Centro's as well. The 680 also has the advantage of the bigger LCD, bigger keyboard, fullsize SDHC slot (up to 16GB vs. 8GB for microSDHC) and a standard-sized high capacitt aftermarket battery is now available from Seidio as well. So far not many Centro peripherals have appeared.

    To the Centro's credit, it has a moderatey better camera, a few megs more of usable main memory with less NVFS lag, newer OS/bundled apps, a louder speakerphone & earpiece, and the biggie that is a fast EVDO connection.

    I'd personally go with the 680 and compliment it with a a decent SDHC card, Seidio battery and a nice case.

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