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    Wow, that's a great solution. Nice job ssrjazz!

    I don't have Tom Tom yet, but am about to purchase it to go with my new Holux M1200.

    Quick question that is sort of performance related: Are you all able to use pTunes Internet streaming radio in the background while Tom Tom is running? I stream radio stations with pTunes on many-a-car ride, so I'm hoping that I can continue to do that *and* use Tom Tom GPS software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fulltlt View Post
    After reformatting the SD card the time for the blank white screen at start up went down to 3 seconds. It works very well now.
    I tried various format methods when I first got my 2G card, what I'm using right now was the fastest in vfsmark. 3s would be better, but 10s is no big deal to me
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    Glad to see that the format SD solution works.

    I was also going to mention that the map size you choose (i.e., all of the Northeast vs. Massachusetts only) will affect TomTom performance when calculating routes.
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