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    So I was on another thread, discussing Visors, and remembered what happened with Handspring, when they decided to stop supporting the Springboard expansion modules (they put all their resources into the Treo...), and later stopped all support for the Visors. Basically, for about a year, you could find all sorts of great bargains on hardware/software, etc. Sure, things were doomed, but dumpster diving in Staples or EBay was alot of fun. Items that cost $200 would sell for $15, or even free.

    So what will happen with Palm? If (ok, when) they officially head for the exit, what stuff will be cheap?

    For the most part, most accessories are blue-tooth, so we won't get any great deals. Maybe cases, stylli, headphones, cradles, batteries, etc.? Software? Probably. But what stores still sell shrink-wrapped Palm software? I think Staples just about stopped. Best Buy? J&R?
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    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ka1 View Post
    But what stores still sell shrink-wrapped Palm software? I think Staples just about stopped. Best Buy? J&R?
    Well, I was in Franklin-Covey this evening and they had a few there. They are mostly in malls.
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    The clearance sales for Palm-related products began LONG ago at retail, friends. Basically, after the LifeDrive flopped on the market, Palm decided to throw in the towel for everything non-Treo. I've been seeing a declining Palm presence at retail since, oh, mid-2004 or so but it's really gotten bad in the past year or so.

    Depending on your geographic location, some Office Depot stores are still stocking Handmark shrink-wrapped Palm OS (they're actually mostly multi-platform CDs now) software offerings.

    In addition, Staples had a very sparse handful of Palm OS software titles (all CD-based IIRC) last time I was there. CompUSA also still stocks a handful of titles. Franklin Covey and the Palm Stores/Kiosks are probably your best bet. OfficeMax, Best Buy and Circuit City long ago gave up on shrink-wrapped Palm software on both CDs and MMCs. Most of the pre-packaged Palm software sold at retail is quite dated and hasn't been updated since the release of the T3 (if not earlier) so getting it to run on a "modern" device like a LifeDrive, TX or especially a Treo 680/700p/755p/Centro is really more trouble than it's worth.

    See my recent overview of the sad state of Palm's remaining retail presence at the big B&M chains here:
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    Let's not forget the elimination of PalmGear into PocketGear.

    Here are some of the facts from the Developer link at PocketGear (bold mine):

    "We have taken careful steps to ensure that the new PocketGear is populated to the fullest extent and reflective of our prior catalogs at the 'legacy' sites. While we have eliminated much of the outdated and freeware listings, actively selling current titles have been migrated to the new PocketGear. Please note that listings at the new PocketGear have been assigned new product ID's as well as new urls. <snip>

    Also improved with the new PocketGear is the categorization of the catalog. We have mapped the 'legacy' categories into new, more concise categories. These clear categories will provide a better shopping experience for the end user while continuing to accurately place your existing and future listings. The migration of the catalog included remapping all listings and requires no action on your part."
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    From a developer perspective, the people that were PalmGear (the company is Motri City) aren't that good. They charge between 40% and 50% for royalties (they get around $10 for every $20 app sold).

    It does not surprise me that they are doing this.

    MobiHand has the best software offering, IMO.

    As for the declining presence in PDA software, I have the feeling that this is because most people buy over the Internet now. It is far more convenient for me to buy online then to go to a computer store. Also, as for a developer, selling online is much easier and cost effective.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    I've never bought palm software in a store.

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