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    Posted here by suggestion...

    I just purchased a Palm Centro.

    Previously, I was using a Palm TX. I have large address books, date books, to do lists, etc that I would like to transfer from the Palm TX to my Centro.

    I connected the Centro to my PC and attempted a Hotsync on my PC with Palm Desktop 6.2.1. When I do that, the Centro tries to download all sorts of programs from my TX, causing crashes and instability. I had to do a system reset to get my Centro working again. Is there any way I can transfer my address books, date books, to do lists, etc without transferring any of the old applications or their data?

    I tried unchecking everything but date book, address book, to do list, and memo pad under Applications in Hotsync Manager 7.0.1, but the Centro still tries to sync everything on the first sync attempt.

    Thanks, Ken
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    Thanks guys. Got the answer here:
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    It's easier also to beam them over if you were not in front of a PC.
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