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    is there a way to move all the apps that I use frequently into a single directory/page for easier access?
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    change teh category for all of your favorite apps to the same one? Or just use the All category on the launcher and type a letter to get you to the right ballpark.
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    I would like to put all my frequently used apps under one heading
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    in your launcher program, right? Which launcher are you using? Still ther default palm launcher? (I'm also assuming you are using a PalmOS and not WM)

    In the launcher, goto menu and select Category (menu Y). Move the programs you want together into the same category. When you go into the launcher you can hit the home button several times to cycle between the categories. Goto the one with all of your apps that you want.
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    that sounds like the exact info i needed. i will give it a try here in a minute.

    *edit*. Yep, exactly what I was looking for.

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