Hi - I am new here, and sorry if I ask something that has been discussed already. I have a Treo WX 700 running Window Mobile 5.0. Is anybody familiar with a (working) video player that can run on my Trem, and can display videos encapsulated in SMIL multimedia format ?

I have tried installing a couple of SLIM that are described that they can do the job, Interobject and Ambulant. I was unable to install Interobject - got an error message when was running the intall program Ambulant player installed well on my Treo, seems to play the SMIL demo files that it is coming with, but showed a frozen screen rather than the video. It did presents well the rest of the details of the SMIL, however.

Any ideas ? Are there any changes on the OS setting that I can make ?

On the same topic, since running videos on PDA with SMIL is quite important - can somebody recommend a different PDA that supports it ?