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    im looking for an app that can download straight to the SD card on my treo. iv already tried downloader and it does the job but since its an old app it download at such a slow speed. i email the developer and he really has no plains to update it. i also found a app called sharkdownload and it download a blazing fast speeds but it downloads to ram first and one the download is complete it then ask to save it to the card..,.and since the treo only has about 10MB ram and any file around 9MB+ will freeze up the treo. does anyone know of anyother apps that i can just enter the URL for the file and have it download it to the card directly (with out a limit on the speed of the download)...thanks in advance.
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    Blazer works for me on my 700p. I've downloaded 300MB files straight to the card with it.
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    every time i try blazer it errors out and say download could not complete. is there a special way you open the url in blazer??? because i can never get it to work
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    Which treo do you have? That sounds like the behavior of the old 650.
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    700p post mr on sprint, it wil qork on smaller files but larger ones gives me that error
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    Are you in a good EVDO area?
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    here in san antonio, we have really good evdo here
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    I have a 700p (Treo700p-1.10-SPNT) and have the exact same problem. Small files will download OK but on large files it errors out with:

    Data Timeout
    The page download
    could not be completed.
    Please try again later.
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    im starting to think that it might be sprint blocking the download to restrict the amount of data you can pull down, if i use a program like downloader which you just enter the url and it downloads it directly to ur card but the only problem with this program is the download speed, since its an old program its slow
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    Resco Explorer? There is a download command in the tools menu.
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    thank you so very much!!! if i even bother to update my version of resco i would have saved me about 5 post and a lot of time searching the net.

    thanks again,
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    You're welcome. Glad to be able to help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdaneophyte View Post
    Resco Explorer? There is a download command in the tools menu.
    I tried resco explorer and it times out as well.
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    Also try this MassDownloader app here that is still being actively developed. It's turning out to be a pretty useful app for me since none of the other FTP or Downloader programs can do a MGET or wget on multiple files.

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