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    From someone not familiar with the lingo: How suscepable are 700wx's to unauthorized control? Someone loaded sophisticated spyware on a desktop of mine that could enable remote viewing & act as it were using it. My 1st 700wx was never synch'd to it but the suspected offender had chance to access it. Once, it spontaneously announced a strange message as if it were announcing a calendar appointment or reminder, etc. New 700wx has been loaded only from sites like this and not yet synch'd. Physical access is now controlled. What is possibility that a Windows-based Treo can be hijacked?
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    Its possible, if the attacker had physical control of your device, to install a rootkit that would be undetectable to you. This is probably true of any device. However WM does not have any significant known malware, so the attacker would have to generate the code himself, which would seem to be a great amount of effort. Also to install code which can survive a hard reset would require the attacker have flashed you a new ROM, and AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $is$ $no$ $publicly$ $available$ $boot$ $loader$ $for$ $the$ $WM$ $Treo$'$s$.

    In short, anything is possible, but its also very very unlikely, and beyond the resources of all but the most dedicated attackers.

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    Can these spy guys 'piggy-back' spyware with some app that we install?
    So when we install a app we inadvertently install the spyware along with it?
    Just call me Berd.
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    I have similar issues going on. Every time I try to evaluate my risk I get conflicting answers from different people.

    If you have Sprint, you are at risk, for more than spyware. I'm not sure about other carriers. I have worked with Sprint to secure my account, but when tested, employees have not followed the security procedures that I was promised would be carried out.

    If you can link up with a domestic abuse advocate who is tech savvy, you are lucky. So far I have not. I was given some informational handouts that are more scary than helpful. They didn't go into certain details fearing the info could land in a stalkers hands and give him ideas.

    Make sure the GPS tracking is turned off. Your stalker can still find out which tower you are using, but not your exact location. I have a palm, but I'm assuming the GPS settings are similar.

    Right now, it's almost impossible to hide from a stalker. Government agencies are collecting all sorts of info on you, then leaving the info easily accessible. Many of the business we deal with daily, insist on personal info, then do not secure it.

    Be careful who you trust online. Do not even trust other people who you meet online claiming to be victims. Sometimes they are stalkers collecting ideas.

    I cannot tell you how much I hate looking over my shoulder all the time and trusting no one or what they tell me. Sometimes people think they know what they are talking about but do not. Some severely underestimate risk and others are paranoids who will scare you unnecessarily. Some are actually collecting info from you to hurt you or someone else.

    Good luck!
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    Yes they can and do. I'll say no more for fear of giving someone ideas. Be very very careful about receiving apps from anyone you don't trust completely, and don't allow anyone else to install apps on your computer or phone.
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    A fairly recent trend is the use of "spyware" to sponsor the development/maintenance costs of "free" applications. Iambic's NewsStory is an example and there are just bunches of them out there now. Take a look at the Iambic site and read the fine print.


    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Can these spy guys 'piggy-back' spyware with some app that we install?
    So when we install a app we inadvertently install the spyware along with it?
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    Spyware is a problem on Palm's. These Treo's are computers! I smiled the first time I heard what was I thought a false story about some ones phone making a phone call on its on! Well, months later I caught my Treo making a phone call! Anti spyware is a must!

    These Treo's and other smart phones have camera's, Video recording capabilities, also your most private notes, addresses, telephones numbers, pin codes, etc, Do I have to say more!

    I just wish I knew of a program that can (trace) the virus or worm spyware planter back to their source the (next time) my phone is comprmised!

    ~ Note: One tip-off is when your web browser is very slow ~

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