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    What Palm has promised has already been accomplished by Access... A new multasking OS that has backwards compatability with Garnet...It even runs on the Nokia Tablets... I wonder if Access made it available for the Treos how many would bite...
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    Have you tried it? Its a lousy emulator.
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    ALP does not run on Nokia internet tablets. The GarnetVM does, but not ALP.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    Palm already declined working with Access on their next Linux OS (which I think is a stupid move considering how far behind they are) because they want full control over their OS again.
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    But the question is: Would Access Release ALP for older Treos, without Palm's involvement?
    This would really help prime the pump for future ALP offerings, and would give all of us treo users a nice alternative to FrankenGarnet for a while...
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    I think that probably depends more on the community than Access. And that in turns depends on how open-source ALP will be (my guess is not very, but I could be wrong). If ALP opened the source to the community, there would be more likelihood of getting it running on older Treos. The biggest hurdles then are getting drivers to work with the Treo hardware (which Access may or may not have information about) and would likely have to be reverse-engineered by the community because Palm sure won't provide them.

    The short of all that is....we don't know, and will probably just have to wait and see.
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