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    Hey all,

    My Treo 650 is on its last legs... I lose my mic during calls and then it comes back on and then goes back off again. I am eligible for a new every 2 thru Verizon, and was thinking of a 700wx, but I hate to get one and have something newer come out.

    I use the Treo mainly to have all my contact info handy, email, web, to do list etc. Would like to get something that does wifi.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Are you sure it's not a rogue app causing the mic to cut in and out?

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    I would hot sync the Treo and do a hard reset to see if it is the Mic or not.

    If it is failing, you can pick up a used 650 on ebay, check to see if you have insurance through your carrier to get it replaced, or wait a few weeks and get the 755p on Verizon. Don't switch to the dark side! I did it and it wasn't worth it!

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    Two way to go about this:

    - For $50 Verizon should be able to send you a replacement unit. I don't know if they still have refurbished 650 in stock but it's worth a shot
    - If you have to get a new phone, avoid Palm at all costs. Try to switch to something else, maybe the latest Samsung that Verizon just released? Or if you are chained to Palm products and you are willing to wait, by year's end VZW will probably release the 755p.
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    the samsung i760 seems to be pleasing a lot of people and would do everything the 700wx can do plus more(it has wifi as well). it's a new release too so you wouldn't have to worry about becoming outdated too quick. of course all this would be contigent upon you wanting to switch to winmo.
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    755p is on their accessories they sell, but no 755p yet.
    the 6800 is coming out shortly.
    I went with the Q9m, from a 650 and couldn't be happier.
    I miss the touchscreen every so often, but not as much as I thought I would.
    The wx is over a year old and they still want 300.00 for it with a data contract.

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