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    Could it be possible that someone (other than Palm) develops a customized Android version which can run on the Palm Treos?

    Given the stage of the Palm OS at this moment, I would think it's not a bad idea afterall.

    P.S. Also posted this on the Android group...
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    It wouldn't have to be customized (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK), $it$ $supports$ $touchscreen$ $and$ &$quot$;$many$ $different$ $resolutions$.&$quot$;

    I would say absolutely not to it, but 5 years ago the same answer would have been given for Windows Mobile on a Treo. I guess it depends how their new OS develops (or doesn't develop, really)
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    What I meant was the customization for the Treo hardware.

    Anyway, if someone makes Android runs on the Treo, and sells for a reasonable amount, say, USD50, I think there will be a market for it.
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    I'd run ANYthing to get rid of Garnett.
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    If you look at the architecture for Android, they use Linux as the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), so first you'd need a Linux kernal and appropriate drivers for Treo. Secondly, you'd need a Dalvik Java VM to run the code in (Android apps do not compile to Java bytecode but Dalvik bytecode, which is a custom Java VM Google built specifically for devices w/limited resources, like phones).

    So, it is possible, but it'd be quite an undertaking on one's own. Maybe Palm will get all friendly-like w/Google and an Andriod Palm Treo will show up shortly after Palm Linux OS Treos do.
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    1. Linux kernel

    Will the below work, or help...?

    2. Dalvik Java VM

    I suppose sooner or later, the source will be released as well...?
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    Someone tried running Android on OpenMoko...

    And someone else who successfully got it "boot up" on Armadillo-500.

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