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    Uh, I think there is no wood left in the coffin anymore to hammer nails into, it's all just nails now, since people have been hammering away at it for years!

    I wanna be "WOWed" by Palm again!
    "Everybody Palm!"

    Palm III/IIIC, Palm Vx, Verizon: Treo 650, Centro, Pre+.
    Leo killed my future Pre 3 & Opal, dagnabitt!
    Should I buy a Handspring Visor instead?
    Got a Pre2! "It eats iPhones for Breakfast"!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Palm is sick, but still boasts the best smartphone today. Right now.

    It's even the cheapest.
    The best?? Can you give me some of what you are smoking? The BB and iphone blow away the Palm in just about every way. I will give you that its the cheapest. So i guess you get what you pay for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duanedude1 View Post
    I wanna be "WOWed" by Palm again!

    Maybe they will be like Nintendo and go quiet for a time and come back with their, "Wii."
    No problem should ever be solved twice.

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    I know that palm may not be the most powerful os ever, however it is definately the most friendly and easy to learn os. The first time I ever used a pda was a palm os, and since then i've used windows mobile and apples iphone os (have an ipod touch...its a flashy os, but other than that...), however the simplicity and sheer number of 3rd party apps out for palm is compelling me to go ahead and buy the centro instead of the iphone
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