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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter View Post
    I anticipate a new version of ChatterEmail in the near future with better Gmail/IMAP support (fixing HTML, Blackberry, and attachment issues). might be a good place to check for updates.

    Can't say I'm surprised as Marc has always been good with these things. Unlike some (ahem) I can certainly wait a bit for this update to roll out.

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    From Marc,

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    Tue Nov 13, 2007 11:54 pm
    Post subject: Need Testers for Gmail IMAP support...

    Hi, there.

    I'm looking for some testers for a new CE version that supports Gmail IMAP, in particular fixing the problems with HTML, Blackberry, and attachments.

    If you're interested and especially if you're a long-time user (i.e. somebody I "know"), please send mail to I will pick a handful of people and send them a new version for testing.



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    from the Chatter Forums:

    PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 9:49 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    Yep, wanted to second nricciardi's comment -- the new beta version (3.0.10b3, available only to a closed group of testers) works PERFECTLY with Gmail's IMAP. Base64 emails come across just fine, attachments come across too. Haven't yet gotten any emails with HTML in them, but I suspect when I do, they'll come across just fine as well.

    Kudos to Marc and Chatter in general!

    -- Josh
    PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 9:50 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    Thanks, guys.

    My hope is to have a 3.0.10 posted by early next week.

    Thread Found Here.
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    Marc's great.. I've been part of the 3.0.10 beta and I have to tell you it works great on my 755p/Sprint. I'm also using gmail for domains.

    HTML/BlackBerry and attachments both work!! And I've only received 1 HTML mail which didn't render "PERFECT", but it was very cl0se, and readable.
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    Same here, this beta version works perfect on my 755. No problems with Gmail IMAP...
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    Beta did work nice.

    Now it looks as if it (3.0.10) is released:

    As noted here:
    Did you know:

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    To Upgrade to 3.0.10.

    Use Shutdown ChatterEmail and point Blazer at
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    Actually you can do it from ChatterEmail itself. Ben
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    My OTA download kept aborting prematurely. I had to download the psi file on the PC and Hotsync.

    By the way, it _appears_ that the EXSync files (Exchange Plugin) have changed as well.

    "User of EX PLEASE NOTE In order to receive attachments you will need to also update your EX Send and Sync files." says

    The Download links on are not working for me.
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    I'm still able to get attachments.
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