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    I use one because it's still the best OS out there, easiest to use, and what it doesn't do isn't really worthwhile...such as multitasking (which most don't do anyways with a slow mobile processor) or wifi.

    It's still funny that after others have had several upgrades, palm still remains superior. They got it right.
    I know that the Palm people are working on other platforms (Linux) but I sincerely hope they will keep the Palm OS functionality and ease of use somehow.
    That is the main reason for having owned several Palm PDA's now a Teo 680 I am very happy with.

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    I picked up a treo because every WM device I've had pissed me off and was unstable.

    This is the first phone I've been able to run for long periods of time without crashing other than my sidekick.
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    I've been using Palm PDAs for the past 10+ years and Treos for the past 3+ years. The Palm Treo does pretty much everything I need on a daily and hourly basis for both personal and professional reasons. In particular, I'm so adept at using Palm hardware and software, that I actually look smart and downright genius compared to my friends and coworkers with their stupid Razor flip phones! As another poster wrote, the Palm Treo is like an extension of my right hand, and lives in my trouser pocket whenever I'm out and about. The Treo is just as important as carrying my house keys with me! Can't leave home without it! Long live Palm! Windows is only for my desktop computer!! I can go on and on about the virtues of Palm, but I think you get the point.
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    I think I might have answered this question differently every time that I've come to it.

    What keeps me on my Treo 680 is the fact that there is no device that is as usable with its input options, but simple user flow. Outside of TypeRight and TMP, there are really no programs that I could not find elsewhere. The user experience is still very high on my list. Devices that use other OSes still feel too much like compromises despite the extra functionality that most of them offer.

    Its just a solid device. Nothing available right now is really better for me (that I will not soon complain more about). But what I'd upgrade to is probably 6-8 months from being released (hopefully with US 3G).
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