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    I have a Sprint SERO Plan using a Treo 755P.
    When I opened the account one of the absolute conditions was that I could NOT have a 2nd Phone attached to my plan, so I moved my wife onto a prepay plan with T-Mobile which works reasonably well for her.

    Now I am getting a series of approaches, by trelephone, from ostensibly a Sprint person. The telephone number is 866 xxx 3019. Anyone recognise this as a real Sprint number?

    I query this because the quality of the call to me is an extremely poor VoIP connection, also the person has what appears to be a Filipino accent and struggles to "bring up" my full account details. Does Sprint have a service center in the Philippines? However, bottom line they want to offer me a "better value SPRINT plan" and a 2nd phone (the latter free of any upfront or monthly charge).

    Yikes, seems a dream come true. But the method of approach appears slighltly suspicious. Anyone had this call or any experience, or something saimilar?

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    As near as I can tell, those are not Sprint people but third-party providers. I would avoid them.

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    Apparently Sprint does have a call center in the Philippines.

    And all three Sprint reps I spoke with in getting my account set up had accents, and the connections were poor.
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    Getting interesting!
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    Is Sero getting shady? I was thinking about setting up a Sero account when the Touch is released on November 4th and cancelling my old account....but if these kind of happen and are not real, it kind of lowers the appeal of Sero for me.

    Also, did anyone who has signed up recently use the email address? I've read that sprint is starting to deny its usage. Anyone used it recently (in the past week or so)? If any sprint employees read this and don't mind me using their address to sign up, I'd be very appreciative. Please PM me your address if you wouldn't mind....

    Thanks in advance.....
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    I've never heard of Sprint doing this. Usually the only people to offer you a better plan by telephone is retentions, and the only way you're getting to them is by initiating that call yourself.

    By the way, you can't have a second phone on your plan, but you can have a second plan on your account. You can call in and ask to have the plan mirrored, so essentially you'll have 2 SERO plans under one name. This could be a good option for your wife if you're looking to stop using the prepaid.
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    So how do you explain their offering me the 2nd phone w/o a fee and w/o any extra monthly charge?

    By the way if I try to call back their number (which I did to see who answered) I get a recorded message and one of the options is to press a number to add a phone!

    Meantime after the call I asked them to call me back Monday, because I was so surprised and wondfering what was going on?
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    Me thinks you don't want advice. I know i wouldn't be talking to em. Add another SERO plan.
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    Yes, it is sprint... the only way to get off the list is to email or write their corporate headquarters. I had to do this in june or july.

    email: office of privacy a/)t (of course this is all one word, no spaces... and "a/)t" equals at sign... of course).

    Before I emailed them I was getting maybe a phone call a week... I signed up for sero in Jan 07 with a 700wx. I'm like, I don't want to upgrade lady... I can't upgrade. She would say: I see. Then she would ask if I'd like to switch plans. No.... I'd asked maybe ten or so times for them not to call me.... but they kept calling.

    I called the retentions line. They told me they would stop the calls, but they kept on calling. Finally, I wrote some high person in sprint... they called and said the ONLY way for me to get off the list was to send an email to the office above (email I provided).

    I'm sure that is not the case, but after sending that email I've never had sprint call me again.

    edit: oh, the only requirement is to ONLY put your phone number in the subject... I was told nothing else went in the subject... lol.. whatever... but it worked.
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    SO it IS Sprint!

    So now one can add a phone to a SERO plan! Amazing.

    The reason why I wouldn't go for another SERO plan (apart from the pain of rediscovering which sprint email email works now) is that my wife does NOT use texting or data plans just small amount of voice.
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    No, you cannot add a phone to a SERO plan. SERO plans are for one phone and one phone only...hence why it's an INDIVIDUAL plan. If you don't believe me, go take a look for yourself on the SERO website. There are no family or shared plans available.

    If this is indeed Sprint, they will handle this one of 2 ways:
    1. Get you on a regular Power Pack Family Plan
    2. Get you on a retentions plan.

    Really, number 2 is the only way for it to actually be a value plan or whatever you called it. However, number 2 is only offered by retentions, and that's only if you call them yourself and they deem you worthy of one of those plans.

    I'd be very wary about this, and consider all the benefits and disadvantages of changing plans.
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    Indeed I am wary of it. That's why I refused to agree on the telephone. I know they will call me back next week. I will probably challenge them to say it can be done on a SERO plan. I half expect them to be clueless about SERO in which case I will not make any change.

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