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    Apparently Nextel offers this on some phones; does anyone know if Sprint does, and if so, whether the Treo will support this?
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    Sprint does not support having two lines on one phone.
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    verizon offers it on motorola's including the q, but I don't think so with the treo.
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    Under normal circumstances I would strongly recommend because you can actually MAKE phone calls with the second number. But their Palm app needs some bug fixing. Receiving and making calls works fine but access to the Treo's phonebook simply does not work. Check it out for yourself HERE.

    OR you can always go with GrandCentral which does not have a specific Palm app but, rather, uses web access for dialing out. Check it out over here.

    Try them both as they each have their strengths and weaknesses.

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    Those look like they would work, but here's what I REALLY want. First, I want to use my business phone for personal calls so I don't have to carry two phones. Second, most of my friends and family are on Sprint, as I am, so I'd like for calls to them or from them to be free, as they would be on my business number. Unfortunately, I suspect with each of these services, their call would not actually be to Sprint, or from Sprint if I called them, so we both would be charged for the calls....

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