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    As many of you know, due a messaging application update - and related databases incompatibilites - it's impossible to migrate text messages from an old Treo device (Treo 600 or Verizon 650) to a new Treo device like 650, 680, 700p or 755p.

    Palm itself never provided for a solution to keep/save text messages on desktop, as well as never provided a solution to migrate text messages from an old Treo to a new one.

    But we developed Treodesktop, we worked hard, and today we know any bit from the messages databases. So now we have the know-how do it!

    This is why we released today TreoSMSConverter, a freeware tool to convert your messages database from the previous database structure (Treo 600/Verizon 650) to the newest structure used by new Treo devices.

    We hope it will help you to save your personal data (text messages) from the destruction, due the Palm's indifference about our phone data.

    Thanks to all of you, for your support to our project.
    More info on the website

    Treodesktop staff
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